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WOO. Okay. Now it's the weekend. If you wanna start a log for that date thing, that's cool. Tsuna's kind of a traditional kid except he's kind of dumb. So he'll take her down to the beach for beach fare and ice cream unless she says specifically that she wants something else. :3
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okay gmail sucks. I just noticed this!

I'm happy to do whatever you'd like!

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Not that Neil can read her thoughts or anything, but who is Laura? Holding off tagging until I hear from you...
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I'm a total moron. I'm Laura.

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You are not a total moron.

Hi,Laura. I see you fixed the tag. Thanks. :)

*goes to do something about it before passing out*

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Hi! :)

I've tagged our thread with a question, but I know your Inbox has been having issues with some Atia tags and sending them to your spam folder, so...

Are we going to continue the thread with Liz and Neil or... are we stopping there or wrapping it up... or is she still on hiatus and I missed that part, lol?

Just let me know, please. :)
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Hey! Which thread do you mean?

Yes my inbox is being the devil!

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They only have one right now: the night out thread, with them eating burgers. :)

I can find the link if you need it...
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oooh I thought I was waiting on a tag from you on that one!

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I think it's your turn... unless my Inbox doesn't like you or something, lol!

I have 27 other tags to catch up on, though, so I think LJ is behaving for me...

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And strawberries have made Neil forget some of his nightmare memories of home. Oh, he'll miss that bliss when it goes...