04 March 2009 @ 07:32 am

» NAME: Liz Parker
» FANDOM: Roswell (TV)
» AGE: 18
» GENDER: Female
» ORIENTATION: Heterosexual
» COLLAR: Here.

» YES: Sweet, loving, vanilla sex. (She's pretty shy until you get to know her pretty well)
» MAYBE: Ask.
» NO: Scat, violence, torture, bondage.

» APPEARANCE: Liz is on the shorter side 5'3" and is slender. She has medium length brown hair with brown eyes. She has very soft features and is very feminine.
» PERSONALITY: Liz Parker is your typical girl next door, or at least from the outside. She is beautiful though she doesn't really realize it. She is smart and very direct about her opinions. Not to mention, she’s sensible, confident and levelheaded. Liz is a complex character; very sweet and kind overall, But also driven to control every aspect of her existence. Everyone loves her. Before Max saved her life, Liz believed nothing exciting would ever happen to her. She grew up in small town Roswell, in a very sheltered environment. In school, she is incredibly successful. A straight A student, she excels in all her classes but especially science. She can multitask well, most of the time, as exemplified by her honor roll status and the way she balances school, work, and her friendships. She throws herself into everything she does. Which sometimes can be a bad thing, her focus becoming border-lining obsession. But despite that, she’s good kid, she had never been in real trouble until Max saved her life.

Control is something very important for her: with it, she can get facts and answers and this makes her feel more safe about herself, life and everyone she loves. However, her real nature isn't really so controlled. When Max saves her life and she falls in love with him, she quickly discovers that Max is the living proof that people cannot control everything and even science doesn't have all the answers. This rocks her world. And yet she's attracted to it, like a moth to a flame. When she quickly begins to understand this, she realizes that she should just follow her heart and live for the moment. Because no matter how people try, they can't control everything and they can't choose whom they fall in love with. Liz proves herself as the "brain" among the group. She's the one who constantly gets the very core point of their problems and finds a solution most of the time - especially if the problem can be fixed with science. However, her determination and selflessness mixed with her sometimes controlling nature can also be a character flaw when it leads her into making decisions where she takes too much of the responsibility. The weight of the world is constantly on her shoulders. But she rarely crumbles, taking everything that happens to her in stride. She figures out a way to make the situation her own and controllable.
» BACKGROUND: She's from season two!

CONTACT» AIM: msLmcool
» EMAIL: just PM me