04 October 2009 @ 05:58 am
CHARACTER SURVEY for [livejournal.com profile] amatomnes  
» HEIGHT: 5'2
» WEIGHT: 120 lbs
» BUILD: Pear shaped, petite
» APPEARANCE: She's petite with brown hair and brown eyes.
» WARDROBE: Well typically she wears kind of cheesy late 90s clothing so lots of khaki, tank tops, and jean jackets. But I've updated her fashion a little since she's come onto the island.

» SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
» TURN ONS: Makeouts. She's loves making out. Considering it's all she did with Max and it got her pretty hot. She is a control freak but she seems to like it when the guy takes control. She's pretty darn responsive to any kind of touching with lips. She's playful when she's comfortable enough with you. Oh, and aliens.
» TURN OFFS: She doesn't like the guy taking too much control. She wants someone who will listen to what she likes.


» RELATIONSHIPS: None on the island. Off the island? Max was her true love but he broke her heart by going off with Tess. And before that was Kyle. He was dependable and a jock, too predictable for Liz's taste. There wasn't enough passion there.

» BIGGEST FEAR: Losing someone she loves. Too bad that's happened a lot to her lately.
» BIGGEST DREAM: Going to Harvard to study microbiology.
» BIGGEST SEXUAL FANTASY: As cheesy as it sounds, she wants to have a special night with someone she loves. *cough* Max. *cough*
» BIGGEST REGRET: Tricking Max into thinking she had sex with Kyle. And not telling Alex, how much he mattered to her.
» BIGGEST INSECURITY: Not being in control.

» GREATEST STRENGTH: Her brain and her heart.
» GREATEST WEAKNESS: Sometimes she accepts things too easily.

» BEST SEXUAL EXPERIENCE: Each time she has sex is different and special. Each of her boys treated well and loved her right.
» WORST SEXUAL EXPERIENCE: Dojima. It wasn't that it was bad... She just felt really undesirable. And it was super awkward for them both.
» DREAM DATE: Just having fun. Being with the person she cares for. No pressure.